The Villages of Leacock Point
The Villages of Leacock Point condominiums - townhomes, bungalows and apartments for sale
The purpose of our website it to provide information about the villages to anyone interested in finding a home in an adult community in Orillia. Information such as:

  •     How the Villages are managed and maintained
  •     About shared and common resources
  •     Owner responsibilities and rules
  •     Social activities
  •     Where we are located
  •     Nearby attractions

Townhomes for sale at the Villages of Leacock Point - call for available condos
Condos for sale at the Villages of Leacock Point next door to the Boat House at Stephen Leacock Museum
Welcome to the Villages of Leacock Point located in Orillia, Ontario.
Known  as the "Sunshine City," Orillia is right in the heart of "Lake Country". Our villages are situated beside the Stephen Leacock Museum on Lake Couchiching.  The Trans-Canada Millennium Trail borders the villages to the south. It is a short walk to Tudhope Park travelling east or to the heart of the City of Orillia travelling west. Lake Simcoe is right across the highway from Lake Couchiching.
Many residents of our great community are getting ready to move to the new Leacock Retirement Centre. As a result, these condos have become available for sale.

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The Villages of Leacock Point